30 Jan

Family Photography: Is it art or coincidence?

The best way to capture moments is to take it all I and save a piece of it in a photograph. Family is the closet it can get to happiness and no family is bound by titles or blood. It is all in the hearts of the people that connect us and bind us together. Moments of impact are made possible with the reflection in the eyes of beloved and the smile that lights up the room in its simplicity. Laughter and hugs may it claps or tears all have their place in the heart. Heart takes a photographic memory of its own; the camera simply translates the emotion into a picture worth a thousand words. 

Family photography is the best art that exists since it takes in all the emotions and puts it into a frame size. The smaller the frame the deeper the emotions are portrayed in the images. Art is influential and so is family, art makes you think twice about what you see and perceive and so does our families. Family photography however brings people from all different places with different aspirations and aims and binds them together into a single laugh and a picture worth words beyond limits. 

Famliy photography is a coincidental art; it manifests the emotions and deep looking eyes with the most naught smiles and haughty laughs. The camera never fails to capture the first steps or firs kiss. It never leaves the hand. A picture taken a long time ago can bring back memories that take us back to who we were and where we belonged and how long our journey has been. It is exquisite to see yourself and your family perfect in their appreciated flaws in a resolution printed out and hanged in a frame. If not a frame than in hearts-it is still a moment and will always be a photographic and an unforgettable moment in time.